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Aquatic Therapy 

Aquatic Therapy is an effective and enjoyable rehabilitation option. The indoor therapy pool at Sioux City Physical Therapy is an outstanding facility, staffed by specially trained therapists who know how to put the healing powers of aquatic therapy to work for their patients. Water is maintained at warm, yet invigorating temperature.

By exercising in the therapeutic pool, patients are often able to control body movements in ways that are not possible "on land". Aquatic therapy and exercise can reduce pain and discomfort while increasing physical function and decreasing muscle guarding to improve the patient's activities of daily living. Total join replacement and other orthopedic patients enjoy soothing and safe exercise before and after surgery to stretch and strengthen muscles around the joint.

Patients will be evaluated by a physical therapist, a treatment plan will be established, and goals will be set for each individual patient. Then we put the plan into action! You will be asked to be an active participant in every phase of your rehabilitation.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

• Decreases weight-bearing on joints
• Increases circulation & muscle relaxation
• Allows early motion after surgery
• Aids in pain management
• Increases strength & endurance
• Improves balance, coordination, and posture
• Re-educates atrophied muscles due to injury, illness or surgery
• Beneficial & encouraging environment for pediatric & special needs patients

What is Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is a series of exercises and activities designed to take advantage of the unique healing benefits of water. Because of the buoyancy water provides, it lessens the pressure on muscles and joints, assists with movement and reduces swelling caused by gravity. Without the pull of gravity working against your body, you can exercise more comfortably, increasing your level of strength, tolerance, flexibility and endurance with less pain and muscle stress.


I am interested in Aquatic Therapy, what should I do?

Sioux City Physical Therapy offers aquatic therapy on an outpatient basis. To participate you must obtain a referral from your doctor. You will then receive an evaluation by a physical therapist to determine your treatment plan.

What if I can't swim?

Swimming is not a prerequisite for participating in our Aquatic therapy program. The pool depth is set just below 4 feet to meet your needs.

How warm is the water?

Traditionally public swim facilities water temperature will range from 82-86 degrees. Our warm water temperature is maintained between 88-90 degrees Fahrenheit. This provides an ideal setting for therapeutic rehabilitation and meets the recommended temperature from the Arthritis Foundation.

Is Aquatic Therapy covered by Insurance?

Yes. Pool therapy is physical therapy that is provided in a therapeutic pool. Typically if your coverage includes physical therapy, it covers pool therapy. Our staff will check with your insurance to ensure coverage is authorized, if needed.

I have completed my physical therapy, can I still continue exercising in the pool?

Yes, we offer a maintenance program as an on going option for those that have completed the Outpatient stage of the program.

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